Gousto recipe kit-my review

Gousto 2

Having no experience ordering food online or cooking anything remotely exciting I was a bit apprehensive of ordering from Gousto. However when I saw they offered a massive £20 off my order and the remaining cost reimbursed in exchange for an honest review on my blog I figured I may as well go for it. My reasoning “if this is a disaster I haven’t lost anything” was more than enough to justify my order.

Clicking the link I was taken to a smart, easy to navigate website where you are greeted with a couple of questions. The first asks how many people you are ordering for. The second asks where and when you want the box delivering. After filling this in you are taken to the menus. I found the fact each thumbnail image offered details like reviews, order by dates and cooking times refreshing. I have no idea what anything like this is and I remember thinking these meals look amazing but there is no way I can cook these. In spite of this I persevered and ordered 2 meals for two people.

My first choice was Hoisin meatballs with Chinese sesame rice and my second was Sicilian chicken Linguine. I filled out the registration form confirming where and when to deliver to and clicked send.


Gousto 2Gousto 4

When my box arrived it was in perfect condition. on opening it the first thing I noticed was how fresh the food looked. I was amazed at the care that had gone into packing it especially the meat and fresh foods. Wrapped in sheep wool with 4 reusable ice packs I immediately understood why so many people ordered food from here. If they take this much care getting packaging right then they obviously care about their food.

Gousto 1

Deciding  I was going to eat the meatballs and rice that night I took a look at the recipe card. Noticing just how easy the instructions were to follow I thought I can do this. However me being a complete novice I accidentally put the sesame seeds in at the wrong stage. The only thing I am disappointed with is the fact my photo doesn’t do the meal the justice Gousto deserve because it tasted incredible. I was also amazed at how filling it was because I initially thought the serving sizes looked tiny looking at the ingredients. This was spot on though because just as I ate the last mouthful I decided I was full up.

Gousto 3

I just want to add that after eating this I didn’t feel the regret of ordering that I normally do when eating take away food. All I felt was full up and ready for a sleep after a satisfying meal. I can’t wait for Friday because I am having my Chicken Linguine.

My Rating
  • Freshness 10/10 I still can’t believe how fresh the ingredients were
  • Packaging 10/10 My box was packed really well making sure the food was as protected as it can be
  • Portion sizes 10/10 It left me full and wanting more, just not today.
  • price 10/10 (Where else can you order food for 4 people for under £30)
  • Ease of cooking 8/10 because I put the sesame seeds in at the wrong stage


Would I recommend Gousto to my friends?

Yes I would please click HERE to order your box stating you was refered by @DaddyStinks You wont regret it but if for some reason you do then blame my sister @mummyandmoose. If it wasn’t for her I would not have ordered my box. I wouldn’t have reviewed the food or recommended it to you, obviously meaning it is all her fault. However if you love it which I am sure you will then it was all me.

In summary

Convenient, tasty and so very easy to make I will most definitely be ordering from Gousto again. Other take away choices will no longer compete knowing I can eat healthy for the same cost. The feeling I got when I finished my meal was a mixture of pride that I had made myself good food and satisfaction that it tasted brilliant with no take away guilt.

*I received a recipe box containing 2 meals in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own unbiased and honest*


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