Middletons Steakhouse and Grill – My review

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Middletons Steakhouse and Grill – My review


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I had been looking forward to eating at Middletons ever since I was offered the chance of a meal in exchange for an honest review. I have had my meal and here is the review. As always all opinions are my own. My sister, Lexie, Kieran and I were greeted by Gary and swiftly shown to our seats. We were given a glass of cold bottled water each while we discussed the menu and what we wanted. Although this time was not needed as Lexie and my sister both said steak at the first time. The environment was really laid back and chilled out. Making for a lovely atmosphere.


Our waiter came over and introduced himself as Suraj. He was brilliant and presented himself perfectly. Polite and friendly without being overbearing. The service was fast despite the restaurant being constantly steady with business. I have a real problem when you’re trying to eat and waiters keep coming over and talking to you. Suraj timed this perfectly making sure we were happy and had a constant supply of drinks.


Children’s menu

Lexie and Kieran ordered from the Big kids three-course meal (£6.95 with Juice) and had the peppers, cucumber and carrot strips with a Marie rose dip as a Starter. This is a Gluten Free, Vegetarian option. Which led me to ask myself how many vegetarians choose a steakhouse for their choice of restaurant. I quickly answered my own question when my son ordered an entirely vegetarian meal consisting of the same starter. The main course of a build your own halloumi wrap. With more peppers, cucumber, lettuce and a  BBQ dip and Ice cream for dessert. Weird Child, however, he loved it.  Lexie restored the natural balance ordering her first ever proper restaurant steak. She wanted it the same as me so went for Medium rare, however, she opted for Salad instead of fries. What kind of children am I raising here!!!! Lexie had a build your own banana split (with sprinkles, choc buttons & chopped strawberries for Dessert.

The portion sizes were perfect for the children leaving them full up but with empty plates, an achievement I have failed with. The last year of having custody of them I have never made a meal and not had to top it up or throw a lot of it away. (I am getting better at recycling foods into other meals tho)


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Joannes Meal

My sister Joanne, of the blog “At The Knight Tribe” accompanied me tonight. She wrote

I was so excited to come and try Middleton’s as steak is my favourite food. For my starter, I ordered the Smooth pâté with pickled relish and warm sourdough.  It was amazing. I savoured every bite. it was presented well and the portion size was just right. For my main course, I ordered the minute steak and fries with a mushroom and half a tomato. The steak was cooked perfectly I asked for medium rare and that’s exactly what I received. I usually panic when I order steak in case they overcook it and I cant chew it. I currently wear dental braces as I recover from double jaw surgery. The chips were really nice too. Usually, I don’t eat mushrooms but this one looked too good not to eat, I am glad I tried it because it too was tasty. I got just the right amount of food for my main, it didn’t leave me uncomfortably stuffed. I was full but definitely had room for my Eton mess dessert. When the waiter brought it over to the table I had already eaten it with my eyes, it was delicious. Again not too much but not too little I left the restaurant feeling very satisfied and comfortable. I would definitely recommend this restaurant and I will come back again.


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My Food

I started my £9.99 three-course feast with the Sticky BBQ Ribs. Half a rack of ribs in sticky BBQ sauce with a chilli and spring onion garnish. As you can see from the photo these were amazing. I polished them off in record time. For the main course, I also opted for the Minute steak and chips. I have to agree with my sister the steak was cooked perfectly. All to often steak is destroyed by restaurants but this was different it came out and as soon as I saw it I couldn’t wait to tuck in. Like my sister, I too savoured every bite. Normally I am really fussy when it comes to chips, often feeling disappointed with them. I love chips when they are cooked properly and these were the nicest chips I have eaten in such a long time. With Ribs as a starter and Steak as the main course, I was a very happy young man. Then I saw Sticky toffee pudding on the menu and I did a little dance inside. The food really was delicious. and the pudding complimented the meal perfectly.


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If you don’t like all the waiting around whilst your food is being prepared then you can reserve your table and Pre-Order your food online.



9-15 Bridge Street, Peterborough, PE1 1HJ

01733 512386

Mon-Sun: 11:30am – 11pm


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