Child abuse – Open your eyes to it

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Whilst carrying out your daily routine, do you keep your head down, minding your own business? Do you open your eyes and notice certain events that will unintentionally peak your interest. For a good reason or not these moments will stop you in your tracks making you look up and watch. How will the scenario play out? Sometimes you will see something that will make you smile.  It could be anything as small as a random meeting between friends, an act of kindness or it could simply just be the sun shining and the birds singing.

Other times you will witness something that will make you frown. Shaking your head as you carry on your day. Why must it be like that? Maybe you will see something that will actually make you wonder how this person thinks or what got them to the point they are at to act the way they have.

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Recently I read a post a friend had written and it hit me that it was something I had witnessed to many times. It explained how he had happened across a mother screaming at the top of her lungs at her toddler who just stood looking up towards the woman. A woman who should love, protect and nurture him. Crying his eyes out as his mum, his super hero screamed at him, calling him a little cunt before grabbing his arm and pulling him towards her and briskly walking off.


Unfortunately reading the comments on the post and going by my own experiences I realised sadly this kind of event happens a lot more than I realised. Although this was an extreme example you don’t have to be in a public place long to come across this kind of event yourself. What gets a parent to the point where they believe that this kind of behaviour is acceptable? The point they believe child abuse is acceptable.

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This post struck a chord with me and really got me thinking. Was the parent having problems at home? Are they, or were they abused themselves as children? Are they mentally ill? Although this would explain these events it does not excuse them in the slightest. Why is such a cowardly act, such a horrible cycle so hard to break. Especially when all involved know how wrong it is.


I want you to ask yourself a question now. Have you seen anything like this yourself? How has it made you feel? What have you done about it? Have you walked by shaking your head or have you intervened. Sadly I have always walked on by wishing I had the courage to confront these adults, telling them what they are doing is wrong. To me this makes me as bad as them because I have done nothing. As an adult isn’t it my job to show this child that what they are experiencing isn’t normal. It isn’t nice and more importantly not everyone is willing to allow it to happen. If every adult had it about them to face child abuse when witnessed with their very eyes it would go along way to fixing the world for these broken children.

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Think about it. After reading this can you still walk on by after witnessing a parent abuse their child?

I often wondering if interfering does not just make things worse for the child in the short term ( ie parent irate at you and so has even more of a go at the child) . These people unless you get the child removed from their care will just carry on. Have to say I feel like telling the parents what you think and taking the child home myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and to comment. I agree with what you say, it certainly is a very delicate and emotive situation. It upsets me when I witness it because I just don’t know what to do. Human nature dictates to keep out of it, I guess it is one of them things that no one can change except the person who is doing it sadly.


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