Mount Kilimanjaro and a 10 piece KFC family feast for one


Sitting on my sofa with the kids at school, I had grease dripping down my arm.  I was chomping down on a juicy KFC drumstick as I tucked into my 10 piece family feast. This was fast becoming a way of life for me, take away food and sitting in front of a screen.  It doesn’t matter whether it is my phone, Laptop or TV as long as I am in the comfort of my own home. Taking another gulp of Pepsi, straight out of the 1-litre bottle, my second bottle of the day I decided I needed a radical change. Kilimanjaro was not even a thought in my head at this moment.


Kilimanjaro 1



Watching the TV in front of me I had nothing but admiration for the guys climbing Mount Everest. The training, discipline and determination of these guys were simply awe-inspiring. I always saw myself as an adventurer, but since having the children live with me full time I had made excuses rather than plans. This was about to change in the most dramatic of ways. I am going to climb a mountain I proudly declared to anyone listening in the room. This happened to be my kitten but I had said it now. My first thought was Mt Snowdon but I have already climbed that twice. As well as Snowdon I have been to the top of Scafell Pike. so Ben Nevis would be the logical choice.


Having googled the cost of climbing Everest and seeing that I needed in the region of £70k I thought about it for a moment. Letting fantasies of scaling Mt Everest leave my overexcited mind I decided on Kilimanjaro. Again I hot the search engines and saw that although it would cost more than I could afford it was more than achievable financially. Not needing any specialist equipment and going up with a group of experienced guides settled my mind and it was set. I am going to climb the tallest free-standing mountain in THE WORLD!!!!!

Deciding I needed a plan I knew that I shouldn’t make any decisions on a light stomach so I finished off my KFC downed the coke and ate a family sized bag of M+Ms. The more I looked at the stunning photos and read the highly stimulating blog posts the more I wanted this. Folding the laptop away and brushing the hard bits of chicken skin of my almost 16 stone body I caught my reflection as I glanced towards my mirror. With my tummy overhanging my tight jeans I remember these used to be about 4 inches to big for me. This gave me a justification as I could use Kilimanjaro to get fit and lose weight Winner winner chicken dinner…. Mmmm Chicken!!!!





Coming off the phone to my best mate I decided this was more than a fantasy or a daft idea but I wanted to make this a reality. I looked again online taking note that there were a couple of ways I could do this. Either I could self-fund the trip costing a registration fee of £450 and then a further £2105 for flights, accommodation and everything else. Or I could pay the £450 registration fee and then raise £4100 minimum which would be used to fund the trip and then go towards a charity.

That is what I will do. I am going to climb Kilimanjaro as a way of changing my lifestyle and getting fit whilst helping me to improve my own self-worth. All the while I will be raising money for charity it seems easy, right?


I WILL be standing here


If you are a company wishing to sponsor me on my journey or want to talk to me about collaboration requests please email me at Thank you


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