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As a child I remember visiting Wicksteed Park and loving it. This made it a great choice for a day out now I have children of my own. We were not disappointed. Firstly the drive from Peterborough was easy so with two very excited children we arrived at 10.30am opening.

In exchange for this review I was offered wristbands for me and my children. These enabled us access to most of the rides for the day in exchange for this review. However it will be honest and open and will not be biased in any way. First we had to collect the wristbands.

Inside Guest services we were greeted by two very friendly, warm and polite people. These traits were standard with every member of staff we had contact with throughout the park. There is a cash machine but all the stalls and food outlets do have card readers. There is a board behind the desk which tells you if any of the rides are going to be closed. So it is worth a quick stop when you arrive as you can pick up a park map and to check for closures.

After picking up the wristbands I did have a look at the prices and at £19 per child and £16 per adult I think I would have taken this route if paying. If you only want to go on a few of the attractions and not everything then a sheet of ride tickets costs £22 for 20 tickets or £37 for 40. They can also be purchased singularly for £1.25.

So we got in and straight away the kids wanted to go on everything. The first thing I noticed, and something that I reconfirmed throughout our stay, was the lack of queues for anything. Despite it being a reasonable day weather-wise, the longest time we were waiting was around 5 minutes and that was for the go-karts, which we went on 5 times.

As we entered the park I saw the Meerkat Burrows right away. This is an attraction where the kids go through tunnels before popping their heads up in little bubbles to watch the meerkats up close and personal. Although you can see them for the side of the attraction I strongly recommend exploring inside this attraction as the children loved it.

I will also mention Sway rider as this is a new attraction at Wicksteed and one that is definitely worth going on. Its a swing ride that takes you 30 feet in the air and goes at speeds of upto 30MPH. The queue as previously mentioned was non existent for this ride and the kids went on it I think 4 times… I managed once.


I want to mention how clean and tidy the park is. The bins are empty and the toilets sparkling, there was no litter to be seen. This is amazing considering the age range of the children that enjoy the grounds. The food at Wicksteed Park is nicely priced for the portion sizes, I felt like I got good value for money. It really was lovely being able to sit on the massive field watching the roller-coaster and train go round. Whilst children and adults played football, cricket and had BBQs.

Although I felt our day was perfect, (a sentiment the children also share) I do have one small niggle. The entrance for the snakes and ladders drop slide and the tree top walk are really close together. Kieran wanted to go on the slide but went into the entrance for the walk. The problem with this is that the exit to the treetop walk is located close to the park entrance/exit which leads directly to the car park. The slide exit is close to the entrance of the ride.

So along with a few other parents we waited at the slide exit only for our children not to appear. Obviously this lead to a moment of panic as upon investigation he was not on the ride either. That said the lost child action plan works perfectly. Maybe the rides should be separated more clearly at the top.

I want to stress that you can enjoy a fantastic day at Wicksteed Park and only pay for parking as there is a massive play-park and also a huge field which is free of charge. I for one will be coming back with the kids. They loved it!!!

Visit the website Here To plan your day out, You will not be disappointed.



A very fair and honest review. With no lines,I take it the busy season was over with?
We always tried to line our visits to places like this right before or after the rush so we could relax and avoid the huge crowds.

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