A sinister school trip

Days out

After picking up the children from school I often find myself Asking Kieran for his letters. This is a conversation we have on an almost daily basis and often it goes like this;

“Hey Kieran do you have any letters”


“Pass your bag mate, let me take a look”

At this point Kieran will sheepishly hand over the TARDIS that he calls his book bag, the hunt is on. Pulling all sorts of scraps and trinkets from the abyss. I usually stumble upon the odd screwed up letter warning me of head lice in the class or informing me of the fact that Kieran has bumped his head…again. This time it is different, this time it’s his Year 3 residential trip.

It’s going to be 2 Nights and 3 days in a little place called Aylmerton, A two-hour drive with 39 of his school friends. My first feeling is one of excitement for him as I read through the activities that they will be partaking in, a pirate day, a bare foot muddy swamp walk, a night walk. He is going to love this. Anyway, it’s 6 months away. I don’t have to worry about it yet; do I?

Crikey where did those six months go? He leaves tomorrow and I have realised he needs ALOT of stuff. So after another emergency trip into town (10 visits in total), with kit list in hand and very little coinage left he has everything he needs to enjoy his stay.

SHIT, I forgot he is too young and carefree to pack his own bag sensibly. Can you imagine? It would be full of Pokémon cards and chocolate bars so I am guessing I should probably lend a hand. Which obviously in parent speak means he will be picking his nose and flicking bogies at his sister whilst I sit and pack for him. An hour later we are now ready aren’t we? No, remembering I am no longer in the military and it is not my bag half the stuff is slightly over the top.

Kieran 2

I am sure he isn’t going to need a first aid kit with bandages and surprisingly a Tracheotomy kit. Neither will he need 4 pairs of boots, a hexy burner or a brew kit. Unpack bag, tidy up and repack 3 pairs of socks (Plus 2 spare) 3 pairs of pants, Pyjamas, roll mat; Remove roll mat stick to the kit list Steve, T-shirts, jumpers and everything else NOW we are ready.  Final check he knows where all his stuff is. He has Sgt Cuddles (His teddy bear) a very excited young man is going to sleep. He is happy, why am I so anxious.

Could it be that this is his first school trip in my care or could it be something far more sinister lurking in my subconscious…


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