Why I owe my life to Oppo2Oppo

Forces Veteran

My life felt like I was in a distant battlefield. I had to balance Sanity, Insanity and indescribable love but I had never heard of Oppo2Oppo.

I was in a country I cared very little about. Wanting to make a better future for my children. Being dealt blow after blow with one bit of bad luck after another. I had been fighting for months and months to secure some sort of stability for me and my two kids. However I wasn’t getting anywhere.


The battle I was facing in real life was very similar to the one in my analogy it was intense and often fierce with different curveballs coming at any opportunity. One minute I felt like I was getting it under control, suppressing the enemy and forcing them out if you like. The next another service would leave me on my own. Leave me to fend for myself when they were all supposed to be there to support. Social Services, NSPCC, Fathers for Justice to name a few.

Every time I heard the words we can’t do anything it felt like another comrade had been killed or had run for cover. So there I was lying in this sandy battle field. Completely exhausted, wounded and dehydrated with no one to save me but the promise of a medivac as soon as was possible. Yet all I was getting was excuse after excuse as to why one wasn’t coming for me. I felt like giving up felt like taking my last pained breath and closing my eyes for the last time. laying forgotten by the very people who were supposed to be there to help me.

Then in my analogy, I start to close my eyes, looking up I see a glint of light. The mighty roar of the medivac team in the distance supported by the two apache helicopters escorting it. fortunately I was never in this position on my tour of duty but the feeling I got when Oppo2Oppo said we are here to get you out of this is how I imagine it would have felt. The sheer relief and the gratefulness I will never be able to explain or put into words. I have tried trust me.

From the midnight calls asking for a chat to the countless hours of work they put in behind the scenes. Working alongside Conduit Engagement they found me and my kids a house, helped me move out of the hostel into a flat. They helped put furniture up, decorate and clean. Making sure the place was lovely for the kids when they got home from school. I was settled safe and HOME yet they never left my side. Helping with my car, my garden and with my PTSD.

Conduit Engagement or Oppo2Oppo unfortunatly do not own a Chinook or two apache helicopters but they saved my life that day non the less. The professionalism, empathy and understanding were second to none. They put all of the big forces charities to shame. I would like to show my thanks with this blog post. I have also put myself forward as an Oppo so I can join the team. We are here to help get you out of your own battlefield….


If you are in a position to help this amazing charity with anything from man power, to logistics. From fundraising to donations, please please please get in touch Oppo2Oppo you saved my life and now I am ready to help you save many many more. Contact me to find out more or join their facebook page Oppo2Oppo


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