Drumond Parks Bang On – My review with the chance of winning your own game

Bang On

What is Bang On

A fast-paced laughter fueled, team game for players aged 8+, that will leave your ribs hurting from laughing so much. Played by two teams, the youngest player goes first.  You have a few seconds to answer a question with multiple correct answers. For each correct answer given you bang a hammer which then gives you a few more seconds to think of another. Depending on how many correct answers are given you move around the board. All seems simple right??


Bang on 4


Special Squares

There are 5 special squares on the playing board. Extra Bang, Bust Spaces, Gag a player, Double your score and Double Bonus these add extra zest to the game because they throw in little curve balls. When we played we had team Awesome, consisting of my children, Lexie and Kieran. Then we had team fluffy which was me and the family cat Darcey Star Pancake McCatface. If you land on the Gag a player space, it means the other team can select a player who is not allowed to call out answers. Guess what? Darcy the cat sucks at naming countries beginning with the letter G after I was gagged.



Our Experience of Bang On

Lexie informed me that this was her favourite game because she enjoyed it when people said silly answers. Kieran said he liked hitting the red button with the hammer. Darcy the cat said Meow when I tickled her until she submitted an answer. I think this is a fantastic, fun game that keeps the children’s attention whilst also teaching them along the way as some of the games questions prompted questions of there own.


Bang on 5


Bang On2

Have a look at Drumond Park’s Facebook or Twitter feeds – Drumond Games or twitter.com/drumondpark @drumondpark

  And to catch up on all the news on their crazy blog go over to Drumond Games


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I received Bang ON from Drumond Games in exchange for a blog post giving an honest and open review. The opinions and experiences shared in this post are those of myself and my children.


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