Who is Daddystinks

Hello, my name is Steve I am a 32-year-old Lone parent male, currently homeless living in Peterborough. An Armed Forces veteran and an all round nice guy. I created Daddystinks primarily as a hobby. I wish to give people an insight into how my mind works. Whilst sharing my stories and offering support and advice to new single fathers. In this blog I will review things I use and generally talk about shit I think you will find interesting.

After joining up in 2003 I served 9 years in the Royal Air Force as a Logistics Driver. I have been married once, divorced once and engaged twice. I served at RAF Cottesmore (Kendrew barracks) and RAF Wittering on 2MT Squadron. During my time in the forces, I completed a tour of Afghanistan in 2010. Amid many great memories, I fondly remember supporting Operations in Libya by driving convoys of equipment to the south of Italy throughout 2011. I left the armed forces in 2012.


I became a dad to Lexie in 2007 at the age of 23 and again to Kieran at 24 whilst married to their mother. We split up in 2012 and Divorced in 2014. After leaving the forces I became a tipper driver. Delivering aggregates from quarry’s to cement plants and building sites around the region. After a massive Lorry accident in 2015, I decided I no longer wanted to pursue this career.

However, as I enjoyed working in the aggregate industry I started working in a quarry 6 months after the accident. I was responsible for maintaining the machinery and covering the various other jobs whilst people went on holiday. I really enjoyed my roles as both Health and safety and the environmental sustainability representative for the site.

However, due to taking custody of the children in September 2016 I became unemployed after I became unable to fulfil my contractual obligations. So here I am homeless and living in a hostel after falling too far behind on my rent. As a consequence of everything that has happened, we are currently negotiating the roller coaster that is going on around us and I can’t wait to write all about it.

Family 1

With Daddystinks I hope to share my thoughts, feelings and advice on all the subjects I mentioned above and many more that I am yet to come across. Furthermore, I hope to build a community for both Single dads and lone parents. I hope to share experiences with learning how to cook, clean and look after children full-time from a dad’s point of view. Sharing and seeking parental advice along the way whilst dealing with everyday life as it goes on.

Furthermore, this blog aims to be an informative and Interesting read. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it as much as I will enjoy writing it. Most importantly I want to create a place single dads can come to show them that no matter how hard it is you have made the right choice. If I can do it anyone can.


Welcome to Daddystinks