Days out

A sinister school trip

After picking up the children from school I often find myself Asking Kieran for his letters. This is a conversation we have on an almost daily basis and often it goes like this; “Hey Kieran do you have any letters” “Nope” “Pass your bag mate, let me take a look” …

Sanity, Insanityand an indescribable love

Balancing sanity, insanity and indescribable love.

Six short months ago my life was completely different. I was a single person living alone. All I had to remember was to eat when hungry, drink when thirsty, sleep when tired and wash when I smell. As long as I remembered these simple things I would be alright. Life …

eyes 3

Child abuse – Open your eyes to it

Whilst carrying out your daily routine, do you keep your head down, minding your own business? Do you open your eyes and notice certain events that will unintentionally peak your interest. For a good reason or not these moments will stop you in your tracks making you look up and …


Becoming Dad – My life changed forever

My life changed forever since becoming dad to Lexie. I will never forget the day, It was Wednesday 14th November 2007. We had just gone upstairs after yet another night of contractions. This was fast becoming a way of life. We knew we were in for a long night but …