Forces Veteran

A Testimonial to Conduit Engagement

When I found out I had 14 days to vacate my home (Read why HERE) I had never heard of Conduit Engagement but I knew Chris. I felt lost with nowhere to turn. The kids relied on me and I had promised everyone that I would be the best father …


A dad and his daughter

Picture the scene you’re a single dad living with your 13-year-old girl. You have decided it would be a lovely idea to take her to Thorpe Park for the day. So living a fair distance away you decide to travel down the evening before and book a Hotel close to …


I am not a monster so why do I feel like I am

Happy, playful, joyful and strong, a father filled with love, adoration laughter and fun. A job that is sturdy, pays well, that I like. My life is secure, plain sailing and calm, YEA RIGHT! On the outside, I am everything you want in a son, in a dad or a …

Gousto 2

Gousto recipe kit-my review

Having no experience ordering food online or cooking anything remotely exciting I was a bit apprehensive of ordering from Gousto. However when I saw they offered a massive £20 off my order and the remaining cost reimbursed in exchange for an honest review on my blog I figured I may …

Camping Tips Tent

Camping tips for beginners

Tent first use Take your tent outside with a camera and remove it from the main bag. Take a photo then unroll it and take another photo. Be sure to take a photograph at each stage of unfolding your tent. This will become valuable when it comes to packing away …


Mystery Blogger Award

And the winner is…. Me. I get up wearing my best dinner suit to pick up an award I know absolutely nothing about and is about as prestigious as a smarty. When I saw this my first thought was one of surprise at being nominated for an award on my …

Letter 1

A letter to my children

This is a letter to Alexis aged 9 and Kieran aged 8 from the heart of your daddy.     Your future does not lie in front of you it lays deep inside you; life is not about finding yourself it’s about creating yourself. When you experience something that isn’t …