Know your illness – A guide to self help with depression

Let me start by saying I have suffered crippling depression and gone through some awful ordeals so I am talking from experience when I say you can beat this and you WILL beat it. I have suffered for the last 5 years and I know the excruciating lows that it can …


Gassy the Cow – Give Away –

ENTER NOW TO WIN GASSY THE COW (RRP £24.99) ENTER NOW TO WIN Drumond Park’s new and endearing Gassy the board game (rrp £24.99, age 4+). This great game will make a brilliant Christmas present.   Play starts as the children crowd round to take turns on the spinner. The …

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Child Services letting me down – I am on my own

Part One Part Two   As the meeting drew to a conclusion I looked across the table towards the mother of my children. Everything was perfectly still as the world fell silent all around me. This was the stuff of every parent’s nightmares, Social services, Paedophiles (Sorry child sex offenders) …

meeting 2
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Saving my children from a child sex offender – Initial meeting

Read Part One Here Pre meeting   During the phone call to child services that Monday morning, we arranged a meeting for the next day. All I could think is whats going on? but it went unanswered. “We would rather discuss it in person” I was told. I put the …

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Why I owe my life to Oppo2Oppo

My life felt like I was in a distant battlefield. I had to balance Sanity, Insanity and indescribable love but I had never heard of Oppo2Oppo. I was in a country I cared very little about. Wanting to make a better future for my children. Being dealt blow after blow …

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Saving my children from a child sex offender – Secret

The Secret Whilst sorting photographs at the family computer one Saturday, my son Kieran came and sat next to me. He said, “Daddy I have a secret”. I didn’t react as this is something he often does. Normally following up with “I love you”. A giggle and a contented 6-year-old …

Days out

Family fun at Wicksteed Park

As a child I remember visiting Wicksteed Park and loving it. This made it a great choice for a day out now I have children of my own. We were not disappointed. Firstly the drive from Peterborough was easy so with two very excited children we arrived at 10.30am opening. …