Bang On

Drumond Parks Bang On – My review with the chance of winning your own game

What is Bang On A fast-paced laughter fueled, team game for players aged 8+, that will leave your ribs hurting from laughing so much. Played by two teams, the youngest player goes first.  You have a few seconds to answer a question with multiple correct answers. For each correct answer given …


Samsung Galaxy S8+ Smart Phone review

After an agonising 5 day wait for my phone, I found myself questioning whether an early upgrade was worth it. The last few phones I owned had been anticlimaxes, to say the least. The Samsung S7 Edge was fun but only for as long as the curved screen was a …


Mount Kilimanjaro and a 10 piece KFC family feast for one

Sitting on my sofa with the kids at school, I had grease dripping down my arm.  I was chomping down on a juicy KFC drumstick as I tucked into my 10 piece family feast. This was fast becoming a way of life for me, take away food and sitting in …

Middleton 5

Middletons Steakhouse and Grill – My review

Middletons Steakhouse and Grill – My review     I had been looking forward to eating at Middletons ever since I was offered the chance of a meal in exchange for an honest review. I have had my meal and here is the review. As always all opinions are my …

Slimming World

Slimming World – I have finally admitted defeat and am enlisting the professionals

Slimming World Let me quickly introduce myself to the Slimming world…world. My name is Steve (Read more about me HERE) I have decided to join the group Slimming world as I am weighing in at almost 16stone (6ft tall) and only getting more heavy whenever I dare stand on a …


An Interview with Lexie

An Interview with Lexie Struggling for inspiration tonight. I decided I was going to interview my daughter Lexie, Aged 9 and see what she came up with. I have decided to share them with you. Hey, lex I want to ask you a few questions darling, come here. Aww, dad do …


Kissing your kids goodnight to go to war

The day began the same as any other. I got into work that morning. Parade just starting to form up as I ran the last few yards to be there on time. Then off to the crew room for a quick brew. As we were all given our jobs for …